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北欧时报 新译科技斯德哥尔摩报道(记者 Robin Ji Li)2020年10月6日上午11点50分,瑞典皇家科学院常任秘书戈兰·汉松宣布,2020年诺贝尔物理学奖获得者:英国科学家Roger Penrose因黑洞研究方面的贡献,德国科学家Reinhard Genzel和美国科学家Andrea Ghez因发现银河系中央的超大质量天体方面,共同分享这一奖项。三人将将分享1000万瑞典克朗奖金(约合760万人民币),其中英国科学家Roger分享一半奖金,德国和美国科学家分享另一半奖金。


今年的物理学奖因“黑洞研究及发现银河系中央的超大质量天体”方面的贡献,一半被授予英国科学家罗杰·彭罗斯(Roger Penrose)、另一半被授予德国科学家莱因哈德·根泽尔(Reinhard Genzel)和美国科学家安德里亚·格兹(Andrea Ghez)

由于新冠肺炎疫情,瑞典皇家科学院公布会场对入场人数进行了严格控制,进场时发给每个记者一个口罩,瑞典疫情和欧洲一样正在面临第二波疫情,瑞典当天新增确诊病例1686例,累计确诊96217例。斯德哥尔摩新增确诊638例。/北欧时报 图


北欧时报新译科技记者在会后专访皇家科学院诺奖评委、瑞典皇家工学院教授大卫(DAVID B. HAVILAND),就宇宙黑洞的发现与全球气候变暖给人类健康造成的影响提问相关问题。/北欧时报


David: I don't see a direct relationship between the theory and observation of black holes and the pandemic. But I think the indirect relationship is that we can understand this pandemic through science, just as we've understood complicated things like black holes. And if we have an open mind and we learn and we use logic, we can understand how it works and how to defeat it. But if we ignore science, it will defeat us.



David: Yeah, we are talking about something in the center of our own galaxy and even super massive black holes in distant galaxies. And I think that the best answer to that question is that really if you think about the man and the history of ideas in humanity, it even goes back before the enlightenment which really spawned the scientific revolution we experienced today. People have always gazed out into the heavens and wondered what was out there. And I think people can realize by this year's Nobel prize is that through science and the advancement of technology, we've developed incredible instruments to measure with extreme precision what is out there and come with an understanding of it. It's fascinating and it’s interesting. It's important for our existence as human beings on earth to understand what's in the universe.

David教授答:是的,我们在谈论银河系中心的事物,甚至是遥远星系中的超大黑洞。 我认为,对这个问题的最佳答案是,如果考虑到人类和人类的思想史,这个问题甚至可以追溯到真正催生我们今天经历的科学革命的启蒙运动之前,人们一直以来总是凝视着天堂,想知道那里有什么。我觉得人们可以从今年的诺贝尔奖获得启发,通过科学和技术的进步,我们已经开发出了令人难以置信的仪器,这些仪器可以极其精确地测量遥远的宇宙中所存在的东西,并对它们逐一分析。这是很令人着迷的,非常有趣的。对于我们作为地球上的人类生存而言,了解宇宙中的事物至关重要。


David: Yeah, it is struggle for some people, and maybe that has to do with the fact that we use mathematical reasoning and logic to analyze problems. But it's actually a very broad science. There’s people who are focused maybe more on the deep mathematical aspects, and there's other people who are focused on very much hands-on work and laboratories to make observations, and instruments. it's a very broad spectrum of talents that are needed to make the whole enterprise of physics move forward. And I think that where your talents are, whether they are at the mathematical or the hands-on experimental physics, if you enjoy doing it, then you can make a meaningful contribution.