“Charming Beijing” tourism public promotion activities entered Stockholm in Sweden

2018-09-14 16:30:39 来源:Nordic Chinese Times

“Charming Beijing” tourism public promotion activities entered Stockholm in Sweden

(By Nordic Chinese Times) In recent years, China-Sweden relations have developed steadily, high-level exchanges were frequent, exchanges and cooperation have increased significantly, and the number of tourists on both sides has also increased year by year. In order to develop Sweden's tourism market of Beijing further, the Beijing Tourism Commission has comprehensively publicized Beijing tourism resources and demonstrated the image of Beijing through on-site promotion, advertising and channel promotion.

After the Norway Tourism Exhibition, on 14th September local time, the Beijing Tourism Commission held the “Charming Beijing” Beijing Tourism Photo Exhibition and Public Day Event in Stockholm, Sweden. Representatives from the Stockholm Tourism Bureau and the Beijing Tourism Development Committee attended the event and cut the ribbon for the event. Nearly 500 people from the Swedish tourism industry, local mainstream media and the public participated in the event,it was very enthusiastic on site and the public were excited to join in.

The guests on site unveiled the photo exhibition together

The Beijing Tourism Public Day event was held at the stylish and elegant Liljeholmens shopping centre in Stockholm. The Beijing tourism promotional film played at the event brought a fresh new visual-experience to the Swedish people. The delegation of the Municipal Tourism Committee introduced the rich tourism resources of Beijing to the audience. Sweden Sales Office of Air China, Beijing International Hotel and Capital Hotel Introduced their respective products and exchanged ideas with local travel agents respectively.

The photos of the event on site

In the early stage of the event, the Beijing Tourism Commission has launched the Beijing tourism image bus advertisement, and cruised in the downtown area, rented the electronic screen of the Stockholm Metro T-central station for 7 days at the same time. T-central is the largest transit station in Stockholm with more than 100,000 people transited and patronized every day. Medborgarplatsen Square is a Freedom Square of Stockholm . The continuous color LED electronic screen playing greatly enhanced the image of Beijing on tourists and local people , and also enhanced the attractiveness of Beijing tourism.

T-central station and The Electronic Large Screen Advertising Beijing Tourism in Medborgarplatsen Square

On the day of the event, in addition to the exquisite Beijing tourism photo exhibition, the delegation of the Beijing Tourism Committee also distributed Beijing tourism publicity materials and souvenirs to the local public, and combined with Chinese court costumes trying and photos taken,  trying Beijing special snacks, Beijing opera masks and other interactive activities to promote the brand image“Charming Beijing”and Beijing tourism resources, demonstrated the infinite charm of ancient capital Beijing , and rose the experience wave of Beijing tourism culture.

live interactive activities

In addition to the landing promotion event held in Sweden, the Beijing Tourism Overseas Promotion also adopted the online promotion and sales method through the TUI Group Nordic partner TEMA, a one-month Swedish online tourism resources and products promotion was implemented intensely. As the leader of Nordic entered to Beijing's tourism business, TEMA is the most preferred online booking channel for Nordic people.

The guests on site jointly unveiled the photo exhibition

“Charming Beijing” tourism public promotion event in Sweden achieved good results in both industrial and republic promotion,played a positive role in deepening the connotation of “2018 China-Europe Tourism Year".