Essay material: General Secretary Xi Jinping's important ideas on propaganda, ideological and cultural work

2018-02-01 00:36:06 来源:China Daily

The great era is inseparable from the guidance of the ideological beacon, especially in the propaganda and cultural work of the new era. General Secretary Xi Jinping's crucial thinking on promoting ideological and cultural work is rich in content and profoundly elaborated. It has raised our party's awareness of the regularity in propaganda of ideological and cultural work to a new height, an important part of Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, pointed out the way forward for doing a fine job in propaganda and ideological and cultural work, and provided a fundamental follow. To do well in propaganda, ideological and cultural work in the new era, we must first learn from the important thinking of General Secretary Xi Jinping on propaganda, ideological and cultural work, understand it and implement it well.

Integrated People's Daily, Qiu Wang network reported February 1 issue of the third issue of this year, "Qiushi" magazine will be issued by Shen Haixiong's signature article, the full text is as follows:

Text / Shen Haixiong

Firm cultural self-confidence. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that cultural self-confidence is a more basic, broader and deeper self-confidence and a more basic, deeper and more lasting power. Deepening cultural confidence is a big issue that concerns the rise and fall of the fortunes of the country and the cultural security and the independence of the national spirit. "The elders who seek the wood will surely secure their foundation, and those who desire to flow will have to dredge their fountainhead." Only when the root of cultural self-confidence is solid, the "four confident" trees can be more flourishing. Determined cultural confidence, we must always take the new era of Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guideline, adhere to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and cultural development, adhere to the Chinese cultural position, based on the historical position of the new era, development, modernization, the world, the future The scientific culture of the community, the socialist culture, continue to inspire the creation of national culture and innovation to create vitality, building a strong socialist culture.

Firmly grasp the ideological leadership, management, voice. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that ideological work is an extremely important work of the party and relates to the future and destiny of the party. It concerns the long-term peace and stability of the country and the national cohesion and solidarity. The fundamental task of the current ideological work is to consolidate the guiding position of Marxism in the field of ideology and consolidate the common ideological foundation for the entire party and the people across the country in unity and struggle. In times of diversified values, we must unswervingly adhere to the Marxist faith. In particularly, we should thoroughly understand the latest achievements of Marxism in China under the new era of Xi Jinping with the socialist ideology featuring Chinese characteristics and really learn its truthful use. Standing on a new starting point, Guangdong should firmly grasp the leadership and initiative in ideological work and strive to build a socialist ideology with strong cohesion and leading force. It is necessary to comprehensively strengthen the construction and management of the main front of the Internet and foster a positive and healthy network culture that is upbeat and good and build a solid and powerful online "concentric circle."

Do a good job in the party's news media. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: To perform well in the work of the party's news media and create a favorable environment for public opinion is a major event that will govern the country and set an example for the nation and the country. We must unswervingly implement the mission of "48 words" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, firmly adhere to the principle of party spirit, adhere to the Marxist press concept, uphold the correct direction of public opinion, adhere to positive propaganda and let the main theme be louder, Positive energy is more robust, making the party's claim the strongest voice of the times. At present, the media landscape and the ecology of public opinion have undergone profound changes. Only by adapting ourselves to the challenges of innovation and solving the problems in accordance with the requirements of "integrating into one and combining into one", we can take institutional innovation as a breakthrough and promote with the new development concept Media content, channels, platforms, management and other depth integration. In the next step, Guangdong will further press-oriented public opinion and strengthen the construction and innovation of means of communication so as to lay down a series of "combos" to comprehensively raise the media coverage, guidance, influence and credibility of the news media.

Cultivate and practice the socialist core values. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: The core values of socialism are the concentrated expression of the spirit of contemporary China and they embody the common pursuit of value for all the people. In carrying forward and practicing the core values of socialism in society as a whole, we must follow the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping as the basic principle, pay attention to settling down the facts, make it like the air, be everywhere, be the people Daily useless behavior code of conduct. Guangdong will continue to carry out the "1 + X" project of socialist core values, nurture the outstanding Chinese traditional culture, exert its influence on the culture and the customs, and give full scope to the silent nurturing of moistening material so as to build the people's common spiritual home and unite together The "greatest common divisor" of social consensus.

Prosperity and development of socialist literature and art. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: Literature and art are the trumpets of the times, and the flag of the spirit, the pillar of the spirit and the spiritual home are all inseparable from literature and art. The important thinking of General Secretary Xi Jinping on literary and art work is to guide us in fundamentally following the thriving and prosperous literary and art undertaking. We must base ourselves on the new era, adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, and strive to introduce more literary and artistic works that are bones, morality and temperature. Guangdong will base its foundation on the new era of arts and culture and deepen the promotion of key Chinese outstanding traditional culture projects to boost cultural identity and cultural self-confidence. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. Guangdong is the forerunner of reform and opening up. We will set up the Shenzhen Exhibition Hall of Reform and Opening up, organize large-scale commemorative activities, publish series of series, launch feature documentaries and create reform and innovation in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Central and Provincial governments , Open and confident strong atmosphere.

Good external publicity work. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that we should push forward the capacity building for international communication, stress the story of China, demonstrate a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China and enhance the country's cultural soft power. Adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Guangdong is an important window for China's opening to the outside world and must make its due contribution to strengthening the work of propaganda. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we will continue to base ourselves on Guangdong, Hong Kong and Maucao and take an active part in the construction of the nation's discourse system for overseas communications. We will not only ship voyage but also sail by boat to speed up the "Today's Guangdong" International Feeding Center And other foreign propaganda platform construction, build an international social media communication matrix, do a good job for the world of Chinese stories, for the country to play its due role.